Terms & Conditions

Karen Joanne Elliott trading as The Movement Improvement Studio (MI Studio) organises and runs mind/body and exercise classes (‘Class’) and events (‘Event’), and conducts one-to-one appointments (‘1:1’) in a variety of venues or online (‘Venue’), plus provides On Demand classes and an Online Library of Classes via subscription (Online Studio).

The terms ‘Exercise’ and ‘Movement’ for the purposes of this contract, covers all movement concepts, including but not exclusive to, Pilates, Mmmove, Stretch, corrective exercise, Biomechanics, resistance and weights, Spinning and indoor cycling, Bodywork, Flow Movement Meditation, relaxation, meditation and Yoga. 

By booking the Class, Event, 1:1 or joining our Online Studio you confirm that you have read and agree to all of the following terms and conditions and disclaimer:

You understand that all Exercise carries an element of risk, and take full responsibility for your own health and safety whilst taking part in any of the above.  You have checked with your Doctor or health professional that you are in good health and that this level or type of Exercise is suitable for you, and will not cause you harm or injury in any way whatsoever.

MI Studio is not a licensed medical care provider and represents that it has no expertise in diagnosing, examining, or treating medical conditions of any kind, or in determining the effect of any specific exercise on a medical condition.  The information provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.   Do not rely on information on this website in place of seeking professional medical advice.  You are encouraged to consult with your doctor with regard to this information contained on or through this website.  After reading articles, watching videos or reading other content from this website, you are encouraged to review the information carefully with your professional healthcare provider.

If you engage in this movement/exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge MI Studio from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown.   

The information provided is based on personal experience, studies of exercise, movement, fascia and experience as a Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Studio Instructor, Biomechanics Coach, Bodyworker and masseuse.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of published information on or through our website, blog, e-mails, programs, services and products; the information may inadvertently contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. Every effort has been made to present you with the most accurate, up-to-date information, but because the nature of research on the human body and exercise is constantly evolving, we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of our content.

The testimonials, examples, and photos used are of actual clients and results they personally achieved. Each client has approved these testimonials, examples, and photos for use in materials to speak for our program, service, and/or product capabilities, but they are not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future clients will achieve the same or similar results. Rather, these client stories represent what is possible with our programs, services, and/or products.

You understand that photographs and video footage may taken during the class/event and give your full permission for this to be used by MI Studio and/or Karen Joanne Elliott in any form, on social media, website or any other promotional material at any time.


A class is defined as a single, group movement session.  

Classes may be sold as single classes, in packages or via monthly subscription. 

Packages and Subscription offer reduced price access and come with certain conditions of use.

Classes are on a first come basis.

Classes are booked via Gymcatch.

If the class you wish to attend is full you may join a waiting list on Gymcatch.

Please do not turn up to classes without booking.   

All classes, packages, subscriptions and courses are non-refundable. 

Class Cancellations

You will not be refunded for classes that you do not attend whether in person or via Zoom.   

You may move your booking to another class if you give sufficient notice.   In order to do this you will need to cancel your booking on Gymcatch before 9pm the night before for morning classes, and with a minimum of 6 hours notice for classes after noon.   Failure to cancel on Gymcatch will mean that the space cannot be used by another participant and therefore a credit will not be issued.

Cancelled classes must be used within 4 weeks of the original class date.

Classes cannot be transferred to another person without prior permission from the MI Studio.  Please put your request in writing observing the minimum 6 hour notice period. 


Class Packages

Packages are bundles of classes to be used within a given timeframe.   They are offered at a lower price as a loyalty incentive.

Classes cannot be separated from a package and are not priced individually.

Each package is for use by one person only and cannot be shared or transferred.

The ‘time’ of the package being active starts as soon as the package is purchased.

Packages allow two week’s grace, so for example an 8 class package would last for 10 weeks from time of purchase.

Please ensure that the package is suitable for your needs, before purchasing as there are no refunds or exchanges on packages.

You will not be refunded for classes not used within a package, even if there are changes to the timetable.  We are happy to advise of low performing classes – if you are thinking of purchasing a package and would like this information, please email [email protected].

Low attendance classes may be cancelled, removed or replaced on the timetable.   If your class is cancelled for low attendance, or bad weather if outside, you will receive a class credit.   

Class Packages – Cancellations

Classes cancelled not less than 6 hours before the start of the class for after noon classes, and cancelled before 9pm the night before for morning classes, will be credited back to the relevant package to be used within the package timeframe.

Classes cancelled without sufficient notice, or non-attended classes will be lost.

Class Packages – Unused Sessions

Sessions cannot be separated from the package so any unused sessions at the end of the given time frame, will be lost.

Due to Covid-19 and the many changing restrictions and regulations, should you not be able to attend your face-to-face Studio sessions you may, if you contact us in good time (as soon as you are aware, and before expiry of your package), be permitted to exchange the remainder of your package value.   This will be calculated at the non-package class rate.  For example – if you cannot attend the last 3 sessions of your 8 session package due to Covid-19, all the sessions will revert to the standard class rate (£13 per session), those attended will be deducted from the total paid, and the balance may then be used towards classes/packages/online studio.   Your package will not be extended.  This is an option merely to allow more flexibility during these difficult times and should not be considered a regular option as it is at the discretion of MI Studio. 

MI Studio is not liable or responsible for any failure to perform any classes that cannot run due to situations beyond their control  These include, but are not limited to, strikes or any other industrial action, war, threat or preparation of war; or fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disaster; or impossibility of the use of railways, aircraft, motor transport or other means of public or private transport.


1:1 Sessions – Face-to-face/Skype/Zoom

A 1:1 session is a personal session (also includes 2:1 sessions) which may be used for exercise or movement therapy of any kind, personal training, biomechanics, bodywork, massage, or healing.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a reliable, stable broadband connection before booking any sessions to be attended via Skype or Zoom; the MI Studio cannot be held liable for any loss of signal or problems connecting or loss of service.

1:1 Sessions – Cancellations/ Changes to Appointments

To cancel or change a single booking of a 1:1 appointment will require 24 hours’ notice of cancellation/change of appointment.

All appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged at the full single appointment rate.

Non-attended appointments will be charged at the full single appointment rate.


1:1 Loyalty Packages

Loyalty Packages are blocks of 1:1 sessions to be used within a given timeframe.   They are offered at a lower price as a loyalty incentive.

Packages are purchased by paying the full package price in advance of the first session.    

Sessions cannot be separated from a package and are not priced individually.

Each package is for use by one person only and cannot be shared or transferred.

If booking via Gymcatch, the timeframe (e.g. 4 weeks) in which to utilise the package starts as soon as the package is purchased.   Please purchase and book your sessions as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.

You will not be credited in any way for sessions within your Package that are not booked.           


1:1 Loyalty Packages – Cancellations /Changes to Appointments

To move an appointment within a 1:1 Loyalty Package will require 6 hours’ notice of cancellation.   The session will be credited back to the package if adequate notice is given, and then may be used at another time within the Package timeframe.

All appointments cancelled with less than 6 hours’ notice will be lost.

All sessions must be used within the given time frame; e.g. if you have a session every week and cannot attend one week, you will need to fit that session into the remaining time in order to not lose it.  

Non-attended appointments will be lost.


 Online Studio / On Demand Videos / Zoom Classes

Online video teaching is no substitute for face to face teaching.   Those new to exercise are strongly recommended to have a personal session or join face to face classes before using any online products.

All participants are advised to have a full check up or consultation before embarking on home exercise.  This is because you will be fully responsible for your technique and the execution of the movements/exercises.    You must accept these terms in order to access the Online Studio service.

The Online Studio is accessed via a recurring monthly fee.   There is also the option for a one-off week’s subscription.  

Access is for a minimum of one month.   If you opt for continued subscription you will not be refunded for any months or part of that you have not accessed the Studio.   It is your responsibility to cancel your Subscription if you no longer wish to use this service.

On Demand videos are purchased for a limited viewing time.  

MI Studio cannot be held responsible for loss of internet service or poor connection to our service. 

MI Studio are not responsible for any loss of service from the Host Provider or subsequent systems or services involved in providing 1:1 Zoom/Skype sessions or classes, On Demand classes or access to our video library.

All videos and classes reflect the ethos of MI Studio; release restrictions in both mind and body, work with good technique – quality rather than quantity; love your body.



Vouchers can be purchased for all available sessions.  

Vouchers are valid for 4 months from the purchase date written on the voucher.

Vouchers are non-refundable.

Vouchers may be transferred if requested in writing.

Once the session is booked the usual T&Cs apply; 24 hours notice of cancellation for 1:1 sessions, minimum 6 hours for classes.  



To make a booking for an Event, you must be at least 18 years of age and be able to create a legally binding contract. Your contract with us commences when:

  • your payment of the deposit (or in the case of a late booking, the full payment), has been received by us in cleared funds; you will receive confirmation of the booking via email or message
  • At the point at which you are sent confirmation of the booking from us (‘Confirmation of Booking’), your reservation will be accepted and the contract between MI Studio will become binding.

Except as otherwise set out herein the contract lasts until you leave the Event.

With the Confirmation of Booking will be other relevant information.

Interim payments and the final balance owing for the Event must be paid by the given date communicated to you by MI Studio, otherwise the booking will be regarded as cancelled and any previous payments made will be lost with no refunds whatsoever.

Only those whose names have been given at booking and that are listed on the Confirmation of booking may attend the Event and/or occupy the Accommodation.   If any other person(s) are found in occupation, MI Studio will terminate the contract forthwith without liability and then any unauthorised guests and yourself will be asked to leave the Event immediately and depart from the Accommodation and Event without any refund whatsoever.

MI Studio reserve the right to correct any prices incorrectly shown on the website and/or in any promotional material e.g. brochures, leaflets etc.  Any such prices which are advertised in error may be amended and where the amended prices affect your booking, MI Studio will notify you of the amendment and you reserve the right to cancel if you do so in writing within 7 days of such notification from MI Studio.

Any changes to your booking must be made in writing (email [email protected]) before the start of the Event.  You are solely responsible for any costs, charges and expenses resulting from any amendments or alterations made to the booking details.

It may be necessary to cancel your booking due to illness, accident or change of circumstances etc. As soon as you know that you need to cancel, confirm the cancellation in writing/email.

Cancellation charges are calculated as follows from the date that your written instructions are received by MI Studio:-

  • All deposits, instalments, interim payments and final payments are non-refundable or transferable once paid.
  • If you wish to cancel less than two weeks (14 days) before the final payment deadline, you are still liable for 100% of the cost of attending the event
  • If you cancel 15 days or more before the final payment deadline, you are liable for 50% of cost of attending the event if this is more than the payments already made (deposit and interim)
  • If MI Studio incurs additional charges other than those set out above for any cancellation then such sum shall need to be met solely by yourself.

We recommend that you buy adequate travel insurance when you attend any of our weekend events or holidays.


Alterations such as withdrawal of certain amenities, facilities, activities, and entertainment may be made by us and/or the management of the Accommodation without any obligation or liability.

MI Studio will use all reasonable endeavours to provide the booking as described including but not limited to all facilities and entertainment as advertised. However, on occasion it may be necessary to make some major alterations to the booking.  If such a change is necessary, MI Studio will endeavour to advise you in writing as soon as possible and give you the options set out below.

MI Studio will use all reasonable endeavours not to cancel your booking, but in exceptional circumstances, this may be necessary.

Reasons for this may include (but are not limited to) the minimum number of bookings required not being achieved, or is, in the sole opinion of  MI Studio, unlikely to be achieved. MI Studio will inform you of any such cancellation as soon as possible and give you the options set out below.

Otherwise than when subject to a force majeure event (as described below), MI Studio will give you the following options in the event that MI Studio notify you that your booking is materially altered or cancelled:-

  • you may accept the alternative arrangements as notified to you;
  • you may choose another Event from MI Studio (subject to availability), up to the value of the same advertised price of your altered/cancelled Event, otherwise any deficit between the cost of the two Events will become due by you;
  • you may elect to receive a full refund of any money received by MI Studio in cleared funds
  • Please note that you will be deemed to have accepted any alteration where you have either acted upon the change and/or not notified us in writing within 7 days of such notification of your choice of b) or c) above.
  • If you have cancelled your place on an Event which then, for whatever reason, does not run; you will not then receive a refund of monies paid.    Your booking must be active at the time of cancellation in order to receive any refund or transfer.

For the safety and well-being of yourself, any Party Members and/or other Accommodation guests, not all facilities may be available to everyone at the Accommodation and/or certain restrictions or conditions may apply.

You warrant that throughout the term of the Event you will observe and comply with all health and safety regulations whether stipulated by MI Studio or the management of the Accommodation.  You agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the booking agent, airline and the management of any of the excursion management team.  You agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the management of the Accommodation.

You and/or your Party Members are responsible to arrive at the stated departure destination, or at the Event Venue in good time and any loss and/or damage which you suffer through a failure to do so lies solely with yourselves.

When travelling abroad, or from abroad, any passports, visa, health certificates, international driving licenses and other travel documents required for the Event must be obtained by you (or the Party Members as applicable) and it is your responsibility to ensure that these are all in order and meet any additional costs incurred (whether by yourself, a Party Member or us on your or a Party Member’s behalf) as a result of a failure to comply with such requirements.

When travelling abroad it is your responsibility to remember applicable airport taxes.


On your departure day, MI Studio ask that you vacate your Accommodation by the time specified in the schedule/information for the Event and return your keys/access cards to the reception desk or as otherwise requested.  Please check your Accommodation carefully prior to departure as MI Studio do not accept liability for items left behind upon your departure of the Accommodation.

Your Accommodation may be inspected at the end of the Event or your departure. You will be held responsible for any damage and/or loss caused during your stay and that resulting from the acts and/or omissions of any Party Members.   Damage to the Accommodation and/or its contents may also result in the termination of the Event with no compensation to you or any of your Party Members.  On departure, please leave the Accommodation in a clean and tidy condition.

Please be aware that photography/filming may be in progress during the Event, and please ensure that you are aware of the positioning of cameras/videos at all times. By attending Events with MI Studio you give permission for photographic and/or video images of yourself to be used for promotional purposes only.

MI Studio shall not be liable to you or any member of your party for any indirect or consequential loss or damage (whether for loss of profit, loss of business, depletion of goodwill or otherwise), costs, expenses or other claims for consequential compensation whatsoever (howsoever caused) which arise out of or in connection with this contract even if made known of the circumstances at the start of the contract.

MI Studio shall not be liable for a breach of this contract in the event that MI Studio is unable to carry out its obligations hereunder owing to circumstances beyond its reasonable control arising from or as a consequence of (including but not limited to) an Act of God, fire, disaster, natural catastrophe, epidemic, war, act of terrorism, civil disturbance, industrial dispute, order of a government department, or competent authority breakdown or interruption of power supplied or other public services or transport, any loss of services by third parties or from the acts and/or omissions of the management of the Accommodation or their employees or agents.

It is a condition and you warrant that throughout the term of the Event you will:

  • at all times treat MI Studio staff and other attendees with all due care and respect
  • not take part in any offensive or illegal behaviour; and not be involved in creating excessive noise or cause a nuisance


If you and/or any of your Party Members fail to comply with any of the above rules (whether in whole or part), your contract may be terminated without liability and you and your Party Members may be asked to leave the Event immediately (refunds will not be given under any circumstances).

Contracts will also be terminated if MI Studio has a reasonable suspicion that any person(s) has committed, or intends to commit an offence.

MI Studio also reserves the right to enter any unit of the Accommodation at any time and for any reason to ensure the safety and well-being of other guests of the Accommodation, a Party Member or yourself.

Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to MI Studio, and notwithstanding any other provision in this contract, you irrevocably and unconditionally agree to indemnify MI Studio in full and on demand and keep MI Studio so indemnified from and against all claims, actions, damages, proceedings, demands, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses (including without limitation legal expenses and other professional advisers’ fees) which are made or brought against or suffered or incurred by MI Studio, directly or indirectly and whether or not foreseeable at the date of the contract, arising wholly or in part as a result of or in relation to your acts and/or omissions and/or those of any Party Member or any of your unauthorised guests.

MI Studio are only able to take action on any complaints which are first brought to the attention of MI Studio whilst at the Event and later received in writing within 28 days after the end of the Event, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

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