The Video Library

Over 250 classes

Classes filmed to camera plus footage of Studio classes

Access 24/7 

**Access £20 per month or £7 for a week**

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Mmmove – movements and releases to reduce restrictions, stretch and mobilise

Clinical Pilates – suitable for all

Gentle Pilates

Meditation and Relaxation

Flow Movement Meditation – a flowing moving meditation to release tension in mind and body

Just Abs

Pilates Intervals – workout with Pilates

Supple Strength – a toning and stretching class using yoga moves

Resistance classes – bands/weights or kettlebells

Low Impact Classes – work your body without jumping or running


30 Days to Better Movement

A video a day for 30 days

Short easy to follow releases, mobilities and stretches

Great for those with sedentary jobs

Practice them throughout each day

5 Bonus Classes

Access for 100 days

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Gentle Mmmoves

Seated Exercise, Gentle Exercise & Exercise for Parkinson’s

please try for free and send us your feedback – this programme is currently being edited and adapted so is not the final version

Please remember that online classes are no substitute for face-to-face classes.   When following the video classes and tips, you will need to take full responsibility for the way in which you perform the exercises, using good technique and body awareness..  You will need to complete and return the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire before you will be able to commence this movement programme.

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