Access Online Classes from our Video Library

Subscribe to our Online Studio to have full access to our video library of classes and exercises, tips on technique and meditations.

Classes include:

Pilates, Flow Movement Meditation, Mmmove (including Mmmove to Mobilise and Mmmove to Improve)  Pilates & Meditation, Meditation and more (Option One)

Exercise for Parkinson's Disease (Option Two)

Please remember that online classes are no substitute for face-to-face classes.   When following the video classes and tips, you will need to take full responsibility for the way in which you perform the exercises, using good technique and body awareness..  You will need to complete and return the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire before you will be able to commence this movement programme.

Access is £25 per calendar month for Option One, £15 for Option Two.  New classes are added every week.  There is no contract or notice period.  Minimum subscription length is one calendar month.  Once you have downloaded and completed the ParQ please click Join

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