Why have a personal session?

Group exercise is great.  I love it!   But nothing beats a one-to-one session.  No matter how good your instructor is, in a group you will always be one of a few, or even one of many.   Their attention will be divided.  Your instructor will have put together a class plan that suits ‘most’ people.   That is what group exercise is about.   

In a one to one session my attention is fully on you.  The session is designed for your needs; you do not get a standard session – you get only what you need.   I will be fully focused on you; see clearly how you move; and offer precise coaching exactly when and where you need it.     You will learn what your body needs, your challenges, your areas to work on.   This will help you to understand your progress, and everything you learn can be taken and used in the classes that you attend. 

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Why have a personal session?

  • A great way to get started and learn good technique
  • Refresher for those returning to movement and exercise
  • Understand your body – it’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn body awareness
  • Treat yourself to some ‘me’ time – it’s all about you!
  • Use what you have learnt to get more from the classes you attend

Please have a look at the sessions below and get in contact to discuss your needs

Sessions can be combined for your best results

Intrinsic Biomechanics Screening

Ever wondered why you keep having the same injury?  Or why you just seem to ache most of the time?  Do you perhaps have restricted movement in areas of your body?

Our bodies learn from our movements.   Repetitive movements and holding positions or sitting for long periods of time, can lead to the over-use of some muscles, weakening those muscles and inhibiting others.    Our connective tissue can become dense and fixed in an effort to support us, in time leading to more restriction and discomfort. 

An Intrinsic Biomechanical assessment assesses mobility and movement.  This identifies mobility issues in joints and tissue, muscle over-use/inhibition and nerve restrictions.

This is combined with a Bodywork assessment to identify any fascial line (tissue) restrictions and postural issues.

Techniques and exercises will be given to help you move forward to better movement.


In a personal Pilates session I will focus on your weaknesses and restrictions, building strength from the inside – out.  I will work on improving your posture, lengthening as we strengthen; training pelvic floor and deep core muscles, shoulder and hip stabilisers; whilst improving your mobility and joint movement.   This is the best way to work if you have disc problems, injuries or postural considerations.    

If you are new to Pilates I would strongly recommend that you start with either a beginners Introduction course or workshop, or a one to one.  This way you can perfect your technique, ask questions and work on exactly what is important to you; you can then join a class when you feel ready. 


The biomechanics class for everyone who likes to move!   As a one to one all of the muscle releases, nerve mobilisers, joint mobilisers, stretches, fascial and functional movements will be tailored to suit your specific needs.

It may be that you have worked at a seated job for many years and this has caused you to have very tight hip flexors and a back that feels very stiff.    It is likely that the tightness in the front of your hip has resulted in weaker glute (butt) muscles.   Your daily routine of sitting may have led to loss of movement in your spine.   I will show you to release muscle tension and nerve irritation so that you have better results from stretching.   Once released you will work those under-performing muscles to build strength.  We will work on improving your precise spinal movement before working on bigger movements. 

So whether you just want to move easier everyday, have a specific weakness or problem, I will work with you to improve the way you move.

Weight Training

Use free weights to strengthen, improve posture, improve body composition and change your body shape.    Perfect your technique and train smarter.   No previous weight training experience necessary.  

Fascial Release & Massage

Our fascial (tissue) connections help us to move.   Repetitive movements, poor posture and strengthening all cause our fascia to thicken.  Fascial release massage can help to release fascial restrictions.   Combined with massage to release muscle tension this can be a very effective way to aid postural change and help improve movement.

The image at the top shows my client when he first came to see me.   He is a regular weight trainer who is looking to compete the next year.   As he was pushing himself in his training he was starting to feel a few ‘niggles’ and was concerned about getting injured.    We discussed his postural issues, possible imbalances and potential problems that he may encounter.  I also advised that his posture at that time was hiding his hard work and not showing his muscle growth and definition to it’s full advantage.

Picture bottom left shows my client at the end of the first session.   Already we can see better muscle definition.  His shoulders have dropped back and down, his chest has opened.  This means that his muscle action will be better; and that there will be less stress through the joints when he lifts.   This will not last after just one session as muscle length and strength will also need to be worked on, so combining fascial release with good technique weight training is a great way forward to ensure that these changes remain.

Picture bottom right shows my client now after regular sessions.   Yes he does see me every week but no we don’t work on shoulders every week – maybe 2 or 3 times a month.   Remember he is pushing his body very hard and chooses regular appointments to balance this.  This is now his posture.  He is no longer stuck in that original position. 

If you know that you have postural issues or regular aches and pains, fascial release could help you.   You don’t have to do weight training, fascial release can be performed on it’s own and help reduce discomfort; and it works brilliantly with Mmmove™ or Pilates sessions.


This lovely, relaxing massage (over clothes) with assisted stretching and mobility is a great way to reduce stress in both mind and body.   You will be lying on mats on the floor with rolled towels under knees/ankles/head to provide more support and comfort.  All you need to do is relax and let go of your body weight as I move you around.   


  • Great for those who do not enjoy conventional skin massage
  • Great for joint mobility
  • Great for back mobility
  • Full body
  • Completely letting go of the body also relaxes the mind
  • Can include head massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Gentle but firm massage to release muscle tension; or to relax and de-stress.    I am qualified in Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, fascial release massage and have practised for 20 years.   Whether you want to reduce areas of tension and work deep into problem areas; or just generally relax enjoying the soothing sensations, I can tailor your massage to suit you.    Soothing massage can be performed on a heated couch.

*If you prefer to bring your own hand towel for use on the face section of the couch that is absolutely fine.   A fresh towel is provided but we respect your right to bring your own. 

Indian Head Massage

Soothing therapeutic massage of shoulders, neck and head.   Can also include arms and face.   Seated or lying down on the couch.

  • Increases circulation so can help with hair growth
  • Stimulates the nervous system to relax and focus the mind; so can improve creativity and productivity
  • Can aid restful sleep
  • Releases muscle tension in the neck so can help with headaches
  • Soothes and relaxes so helping with stress 

Reiki Energy Healing

A soothing and relaxing session where the energy of the Universe is channelled to help balance, and restore your well-being.   You simply relax on the couch.

Clients have reported the following benefits:

  • Feeling energised
  • Feeling relaxed and calm
  • Better sleep
  • Less anxiety
  • Releasing of negative emotions
  • Release of muscle tension
  • Release of physical pain
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