Mobilise, Correct, Strengthen

A class designed to release physical restrictions.  We use massage, muscle releases plus mobility and movement.  Micro, precise movements working to bigger more functional movements.

These classes are for everyone who wants to get every part of their body moving better.

They are a great place to start if you are thinking of starting a training programme.

They are excellent for releasing aches and pains.

A must for anyone who sits or stands all day, or anyone who asks a lot of their body in training or sport.

Flowing movements to gently stretch and mobilise your body to release tension, working with the breath and focusing the mind for a truly calming experience: performed to a background of ambient sounds.

A class suitable for all, especially those who want to move better but perhaps do not like Yoga or dance classes

A form of moving meditation this class combines mindfulness with the focus on quality movement and appreciation of self.   Consider it a ‘fitness’ version of a meditation class


An Intrinsic Biomechanical assessment to assess mobility and movement.  This identifies mobility issues in joints and tissue, postural issues, muscle over-use/inhibition and nerve restrictions.

This is combined with a Bodywork assessment to identify any fascial line restrictions.

Techniques and exercises will be given to help rectify any issues.

This can be used as a package with training sessions or as stand alone sessions


Corrective Sessions

This could be mobility, specific exercises or it could even be fascial tissue massage.   It could just be that your workout postures need tweaking. Maybe your training technique needs changing.  A lot of the time corrective work means just training with REALLY good technique, and un-learning the bad habits.  It could be that you are returning from a back condition; whatever your aims are, this is the first step in training to get stronger and move better, whilst avoiding injury.

Personal Training

You are going to lift weights.   With great technique.  We will ALWAYS put technique first.

There will be lots of functional movement, there will also be mobility and stretching.

I train people to move better and to become stronger.  I do not do weight loss.   Although as a result of this training (if your food intake is healthy and nutritious) you may also lose weight.

Your training programme will be personal to you.  Designed for you, taking into account everything relevant (aims, fitness level, current and previous injuries, current health, posture, technique, movement patterns, restrictions)  Everyone can get stronger.