Laughter Yoga, Meditation, Reiki



This is the channeling of the Universal life power to aid energy balance throughout the body.  My clients have reported that sessions give them feelings of calm and relaxation, aid sleep, relieve anxiety and anger, ease ache and pains, lift their mood and/or give a feeling of enhanced well-being.

Reiki is believed to release energy blockages so that ease (rather than dis-ease) is restored within the mind, body and soul. In some cases this may mean that negative energies are released and may cause a temporary feeling of sadness, however this quickly passes, and the release allows balance to be restored.

Sessions are 30 or 60 minutes long, and are performed either seated or with the client lying on the couch.

Sessions available in Berkhamsted or Hemel Hempstead.

Contact me to book your session.


Focused relaxation, mindfulness, stillness are all good terms for meditation.  Many people feel that they can’t meditate as they are not spiritual or religious, but meditation doesn’t require these things.   It is simply focused attention.   It isn’t a completely blank or clear mind either.  It is the ability to not be distracted by thoughts or outside activity.  It is a stillness within.   A calm tranquil pool in the centre of a bustling city.

Allowing thoughts to be observed but not dwelling on them.   Guided meditation – where you are taken on an imaginary journey or look at an imaginary situation can be used to examine feelings or worries that you are having to deal with in life.

Meditation helps with focus and concentration, lifts our mood, can aid quality of sleep, and can help us deal with life, and get us through difficult times.

Guided meditation takes you on a journey, allowing you to focus your mind and let go – Every Tuesday at Swing Gate School.

Our meditation group tries different types of meditation, with time for discussion.  Please contact me if you are interested in joining my meditation group

Laughter is good for us!

Laughter is good for us.  Did you know that it boosts your immune system?  That it lowers your blood pressure?  It also lowers the stress hormones in our bodies.  Cortisol is a stress hormone.   Long term exposure to cortisol can result in higher fat storage so technically laughter is a weight loss tool!

Big belly laughs help us to breathe deeper.  They increase the oxygen in our bodies and improve oxygen flow to the brain.  This helps us to concentrate and function better.   A lot of us don’t breathe properly: many of us breathe too shallow in the top of our chest, using our shoulders more than our diaphragms.  Some of us breathe through our mouths rather than our noses.

Laughter makes us feel great.  It lifts our spirits and makes everything seem better.

Laughter connects us.  Humans are social animals.  Sharing a laugh draws us together.

For all the health benefits ideally we need to belly laugh – a good deep laugh – for around 15 minutes a day.   Mmmm is everyday going to be that funny?  Well the good news is, that our bodies don’t know the difference between real and fake laughter.  If we pretend to laugh our bodies react the same as if we were actually laughing at something.  This is great news as we don’t have to find anything funny, we can just fake a laugh!


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