Video 12



Video 11



Video 10



Video 9

Great big moves


Video 8

Whole body stretch and big moves – with band


Video 7

Mainly seated leg strengthening circuit


Video 6

Lower body strength, and balance using the chair


Video 5

Aimed at those who work all day at a computer;  stretches and mobility to lose that ‘office posture’

Video 4

Supple Strength is a class which combines yoga moves, stretches and toning exercises.  This is a chair-assisted class version. 


Video 3

Gentle mobility and stretches through ankles, feet working up through the spine to neck.


Video 2

We start with prickle ball massage but you could use a squash ball or tennis ball.

Using the wall plus a band to aid stretching we work into wrists, chest and shoulders, ankles and calves.


Video 1

Filmed for my Parkinson’s Disease class, this video has seated mobility for the upper body, plus some big moves and deep breaths, with some mirroring. 


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