What's Available

Choose the Level of Coaching That You Require

Fully Coached Clinical Pilates – £13 per class with only 3 places available on Zoom, or in person from May.       

Great for those who wish to work with problem areas, and who value feedback and correction.   Great for those with postural issues and back problems.
Classes are 60 minutes – packages available


General Classes via ZOOM – £3.50 per 30 minute class or monthly subscription of £25

General Classes On Demand – £3.50 per class or monthly subscription of £25

Fully Coached Classes


12:15 Clinical Pilates 


09:30 Clinical Pilates (from May)

I am happy to add more classes and try different times on the timetable!  Just get in touch and let me know

General Classes


18:00 Mmmove


08:00 Low Impact Interval Training

13:20 Flow Movement Meditation


08:00 Spin Express


08:00 Supple Strength

18:30 Flow Movement Meditation

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