In a class I will give you my best attention at all times; I will adapt exercises where necessary, I will correct where I see you need to perfect technique, I will offer alternatives when you are struggling; and I will progress exercises if I feel that you need more.   

I want you to get the best from your class.  This is why I have chosen a small studio and have only a maximum of four or eight people in each class.   Obviously the fewer people, the less divided my attention will be.

Mats and blocks are provided.   

*For hygiene please bring your own towel to cover the mat.

Focus your mind on the wonder of your body as we gently stretch and mobilise    Move with your breath to release and relax

Mindful movement to soothing sounds.  Help your body to let go

Two levels of class – one more relaxing and slower; the other with bigger movements and more invigorating; both focusing on better movement and love for yourself

Clinical Pilates

Technique-based Pilates; slow, precise and controlled, designed to improve posture, strengthen and lengthen.  Modern Pilates™ is an updated version of the original Pilates exercises.   It incorporates many of the original exercises, with adaptations and alternatives using the knowledge and understanding of the human body, that has developed since the 1920’s.  Some of the original exercises and movements would now not be deemed beneficial to those with lower back injuries or conditions.  There are also new exercises designed to promote better use of the deeper stabilising muscles of the body.   

Termed ‘clinical’ Pilates due to the fact that this type of Pilates is suitable for all regardless of conditions.  However, do not assume that it is easy.  The slow nature of this type of Pilates requires more control making movements harder to perform.   This is very much mind-body exercise; we always work to improve our body connection, to over-come habits and compensations.


A flowing Pilates class to strengthen your core and stabilisers.   This is faster than the small group Clinical classes so better for those who already are awareful of their problem areas and postural considerations; those who can maintain neutral spine and correctly activate their core.

Low Impact Interval Training


Intervals of exercises to test and tone.  No jumping or running.   Instead we use big movements and resistance bands to increase heart rate and work your muscles.  


Supple Strength


A blend of yoga moves, and conditioning exercises to stretch and tone.   All can be adapted to suit using blocks, chair or cushions.   Work kindly with your body.


Massage & Stretch Class


Using prickle balls for self-massage, we release tension before stretching all those tight areas.

Stretch & Meditation Class


A relaxing stretch session followed by an easy to follow meditation.


Meditation is simply focus of the mind; quieting the everyday chatter that runs through our minds.  We practice different ways of meditating, from allowing the mind to wander, visual focus, focus on touch, to guided meditations.    These are easy sessions designed to relax and calm.

Meditation can help with everyday stress, improve both your mood and your sleep.  

You can be seated or lie down on the mat.   Please feel free to bring cushions or blankets for your comfort.

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