In the last couple of months I’ve had time to really think about what I want from life.   Being forced to take time out has given me the opportunity to consider how I feel, and whether I am happy with my life.

My life was a daily rush from one class to another.   My schedule was regular classes taught at fitness centres, classes with The Parkinson’s Society, corporate classes, my private classes; and then my 121 appointments.    In between I was trying to move my business forward and think about what else I could offer.   I would often teach in the morning and evening, and in-between work on developing my business, often working 12 hour days.   I love my clients, and I love what I do for a living; but it was starting to take it’s toll.

Not having to be anywhere was weird.    During the first couple of weeks Lockdown almost induced a kind of panic attack in me.  I would get a feeling of alarm, panic that I hadn’t done something I should have done; that I had missed a class or something.  Gradually as it started to subside I realised that I am always in ‘flight’ mode.  I am always ‘on’; I am always ready for something to happen.  I am ‘doing’ way more than i am ‘being’.   I wasn’t listening to my body, I wasn’t fully connecting.

The majority of my classes were at fitness centres, but sadly those classes are poorly and unfairly paid.   Instructors with the same level of qualification are often paid differently; less qualified and experienced instructors are often paid the same as those far more qualified; there is a lack of understanding of what knowledge and experience instructors have, and a lack of appreciation of what instructors bring to the club.  And large classes have never allowed for the personal touch and interaction that is so beneficial when teaching.

I love a de-clutter and I am a big fan of Marie Kondo’s way of thinking when I have a tidy up: if it doesn’t bring you joy then it shouldn’t be in your life.   Having time to think made me realise that much of the way I work doesn’t bring me joy.   So i wrote down the things I love about my work and my life, and the things that are missing; the places that I like to teach; the things that make my heart sing, the things that would make my heart sing; the things I want to do; what I want to create.

I decided that moving forward I would have more joy in my life.

The first thing to go – ‘multi-tasking’!   I am going to do less.   I am going to focus on the things that mean something to me.  The things that really bring me joy.    This takes the pressure off immediately.  Do less.  But do everything I do better, and with joy.

Second (well really it should be the first, but I had to get some head-space to see this!) look after my amazing body.  Be a whole person.   Get healthier!   I have been taking the supplement Protandim for two months now.   I feel so different from taking these supplements.   I sleep better, I am more alert and my mood has improved.  I could just take them and not tell anyone.   But they are too good for me to keep quiet.  They are so good that I have decided to sell them.  Those of you who know me, know that I only promote products and services that I have tried myself.    If I think it’s beneficial I will tell others.    I have to share this. You don’t have to buy them.  You don’t have to sell them.  But you really should take a look.

For me selling Life Vantage products has given me a part of my business where I don’t have to rush around.  No running around. It can fit around other work.  I am working with a great team who support me and help me.  I am helping my health and well-being, and my whole business is about helping others to help themselves.   If you are appreciating this slower pace of life, or are planning changes going forward, please talk to me about joining me in this opportunity.

I love these products and there is so much scientific research to back up their claims.   And so many happy customers.

And look at this!     Activation and Corona Virus

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Have a joyous day people!!

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