Fascia is the connective tissue that covers your muscles, bones and organs.  It is present everywhere in the body.  Not only does it cover the structures, but it runs through them like a mesh.  It connects everything in your body.

When we move these tissues create ‘lines’ of stress through the body.  The lines help to transmit force and help to provide stabilisation.  From recent research we now know that there is a lot more to how the body moves than just muscles and joints and levers.

Holding positions for long periods of time and repetitive movements, in fact, even becoming stronger, will make these tissues thicker and stronger.   But too much of a good (or bad) thing can cause imbalances and restrictions in other movements.

Whereas training to become stronger is a good thing (anyone who knows me knows how I advocate strength training for everyone!)  if strength training is all that you do, you will most likely start to lose ease of movement.  This in turn will affect your ability to train effectively, as it will alter movements and perhaps create compensations.  Compensations put you at greater risk of injury.  Less movement could equal less muscle build.

Holding positions for long periods of time and/or repetitive movements cause muscles to over-work and tire, often leading to low-level muscle spasm and an inability for that muscle to function properly.  In this situation the tissue will often tighten and tether, becoming more ‘sticky’ and dense.  This will provide ‘emergency’ support for the holding of positions and strengthen the repetitive movements.  However, it will be restrictive, very likely uncomfortable and may cause further issues.

The solution?

Move more.  Move better with more thought.    At least once a week (absolute minimum) do some movement where you aren’t rushing, where you aren’t trying to follow the music.  THINK about how you are moving.  Work with your body, not against it, not trying to force it.

Add variety to your training.  Or just to your movements.   You like weight training but wouldn’t go to a class?  Then great, weight train at our gym and then go home and dance around your living room!

Do Yoga, Pilates, dance classes.   You already do these classes?   Great then do weight training as well!

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