Everyone who goes to the gym is super fit.  They all wear lycra.   They all know everyone else who goes to the gym.   They are all going to turn and stare at you as you walk in.

I hope you know that I am joking.  However, there are many people who think that they are not fit enough to go to the gym.   Please don’t be put off by those who have already got results.   They are at a different place in their fitness journey.  We all have to start somewhere.   We all have to put in the effort.  We all have to learn how to use the machines and how to lift the weights properly.  We all become more confident at things, the more we do them.

Even your trainers didn’t start out fit with athletic bodies.  Before I trained regularly, I was a size 12-14 lower half and a skinny-armed, size 10 upper half; and the first time I played squash I was bright red/purple and out of breath for about an hour afterwards!

If you want to change your fitness level or how you look, do not focus on where you are now.  Instead imagine that you are how you want to be.  Train at a manageable level that tests you and fuel your body with good food, and you will get results.   You’ll be fit before you know it !

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