Small coached classes

One to one’s

Available face to face, via Zoom/Skype

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Clinical Pilates and so much more ….try the latest concepts in better movement:

Mmmove™ – The Biomechanics/ Bodywork/ Pilates / Mobility & Stretch class to get you moving better – a must for anyone who likes to move!  Uses the latest tools and techniques to lose restrictions and get stronger

Flow Movement Meditation™ a moving meditation that helps you connect to your body for better movement and a calmer mind; focus your mind as you stretch and mobilise


Let me help you to…

  • Improve your movement patterns
  • Increase your range of motion
  • Strengthen your core
  • Lose your restrictions
  • No longer need to compensate for poor movement
  • Become more mobile and flexible
  • De-stress and feel better
  • Improve your posture
  • Learn to relax

All levels catered for

Let me help you get started, or improve technique

Heal your body through movement


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