Visit The Movement Improvement Studio for classes and 121s to help improve your movement

  • Improve your movement patterns
  • Increase your range of motion
  • Strengthen your core
  • Lose your restrictions
  • No longer need to compensate for poor movement
  • Become more mobile and flexible
  • De-stress and feel better
  • Improve your posture
  • Learn to relax

A peaceful studio in the lovely village of Edlesborough


Don't get lost in the crowd: forget classes in big village halls and fitness centres

Come to the Movement Improvement Studio and get the attention that you deserve

All of our classes have an absolute maximum of 8 participants - preferred class size is 4-6 people

When a class  has a regular attendance of 8, another class will be added to the programme


And so much more than just Pilates....try the latest concepts in better movement:

Mmmove™ - The Biomechanics/ Bodywork/ Pilates / Mobility & Stretch class to get you moving better - a must for anyone who likes to move!  Uses the latest tools and techniques to lose restrictions and get stronger

Flow Movement Meditation™ a moving meditation that helps you connect to your body for better movement and a calmer mind; focus your mind as you stretch and mobilise


I have 23 years experience; I am a qualified Intrinsic Biomechanics Coach as well as a Pilates instructor, Exercise for the Management of Low Back Pain Instructor, Neurological Exercise Specialist, Bodyworker and Masseuse.   

Let me help you to move better


See the Courses page for beginners courses - BOOKING NOW

If you would like different class times or other courses please do get in touch


Parking:  Please park respectfully.  There is one parking space directly in front of the studio.   You may also park in the unmarked spaces in this row if they are available.

Alternative parking is available if you drive up the side of the studio: and park either in front to the right opposite NG Autos, or in the middle to the left.   Please do not park anywhere else.   Thank you.

The Movement Improvement Studio, Unit 8b, Sparrow Hall Farm, Edlesborough LU6 2ES