Fully coached classes

Small group classes

One to one’s

Available face to face & via Skype

Online Movement Programme 


All levels catered for

Let me help you get started, or improve technique

Heal your body through movement 

Workout without injury

Strengthen and improve endurance



Clinical Pilates and so much more ….try the latest concepts in better movement:

Mmmove™ – The Biomechanics/ Bodywork/ Pilates / Mobility & Stretch class to get you moving better – a must for anyone who likes to move!  Uses the latest tools and techniques to lose restrictions and get stronger

Flow Movement Meditation™ a moving meditation that helps you connect to your body for better movement and a calmer mind; focus your mind as you stretch and mobilise


Let me help you to…

Improve your movement patterns

Increase your range of motion

Limit the chance of injury

Strengthen your core

Lose your restrictions

No longer need to compensate for poor movement

Become more mobile and flexible

De-stress and feel better

Improve your posture

Learn to relax

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